Online Open Data Trainings Successfully Completed

Skopje, September 11th, 2020

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration and Foundation Metamorphosis organized 2 two-day online open data trainings, as part of the USAID civic participation project.

Open data officers and persons working in the field of open data from 22 institutions attended the trainings, held from 31st August to 3rd September 2020.

Open data trainings aim to promote knowledge and skills of persons working on opening data in state institutions.

During the two-day trainings, participants had an opportunity to be acquainted with the concept and benefits of open data and technical aspects, including open data formats, open data platforms, dataset structures, data quality dimensions and techniques for filtering and anonymization of datasets.

Participants acquired advanced knowledge on the process of identification, cataloguing and prioritization of datasets, as well as know-how on the process of dataset publication on the portal

A total of three open data trainings have been organized as part of this project, noting attendance of 63 participants from 28 state institutions.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration

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