OGP Networks

The CSO Network for Open Government Partnership has been formed in regards to the preparation of the new (fifth) national action plan, in order to have a more organized action plan and influence of CSOs on its creation, as well as to encourage and monitor the implementation of existing and future action plans. The role of the network is to mobilize and coordinate civil society advocacy on OGP issues. The network is an organized form of action on the issue of OGP in the civil sector, ie.

a network of active CSOs dedicated to encouraging authorities and other institutions to work better through increased transparency, participation and accountability
an organized civic initiative that will lead, monitor and promote the process, but at the same time go beyond the regular activities of the government and exert innovative pressure.

It is an informal network in its form, with a clear organizational structure and coordination.

Goals of the OGP Network

The main goal of the network is to coordinate and strengthen the voice of civil society organizations that advocate for participation, openness and accountability of the authorities. The Network will strive to initiate, encourage, support, implement and monitor the OGP process and to put pressure on the authorities and other institutions to increase their transparency, accountability and openness to participation (participation). The Network will strive to establish a new structure for coordination of the OGP process in Northern Macedonia in accordance with the international experience, in order to improve the communication of all involved parties and strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of activities. The Network will participate and contribute to the establishment of a new structure for coordination and monitoring of the development and implementation of the NAP. The new structure should upgrade existing practice and resources committed to OGP. The network should encourage and increase the commitment of stakeholders to the development of the NAP through a process involving all stakeholders, with the active involvement of citizens and civil society.